Storm Damage

Sentinel Public Adjusters has over 20 years of construction experience and is well versed with these types of difficult storm damage claims.

Storm damage includes damage caused by strong wind, hail, lightning, heavy precipitation and vertical wind shear. Storm damage claims can be a very tricky and confusing for most homeowners due to the specific language written within homeowner’s policies.

For example, in cases of wind damage you may need a specific wind damage endorsement or rider added to your policy in order to even be covered. If you’re lucky enough to have this coverage, you’re still probably looking at an extremely high deductable exceeding several thousand dollars.

Another example are two specific clauses listed in your policy stating the insurance company will only pay for “direct physical damage” or “they do not pay for matching”. If you see this in your policy and you probably will, it basically means the insurance company can pay for a “patch repair” instead of full replacement.

These limiting clauses may not seem like much in black in white but when you lose a few shingles from your roof or a few pieces of siding are damaged, it can mean thousands of dollars. This shortcoming by the insurance company not only the affects appearance of your home but also jeopardizes its market value.

Hail or wind damage to siding and shingles, broken windows, damage from trees or branches, roof collapse and even some type’s water damage can be attributed to severe storms.

If you experience storm damage its imperative you contact Sentinel Public Adjusters immediately.

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