Our Services

Sentinel Public Adjusters takes great pride in providing both experience and expertise to our clients, listed below are the professional services we provide.

1. File Your Insurance Claim: If you have not already filed your property damage claim, we will contact the insurance company on your behalf and file all of the necessary claim information.

2. Insurance Policy Review: We will review your policy coverage, deductable, limits and exclusions. By identifying what damages are and are not covered in your policy, we can advise on the best course of action. We can also look at special provisions in your policy that may entitle you to additional compensation.

3. Damage Inspection: We will complete a thorough damage inspection to determine the full scope of your property damage. With our experience and IICRC certifications we’re able to discover and document the true extent of your property damage. This critical service gives you an expert’s perspective and can make a big difference in your final settlement amount.

4. Detailed Building Estimate: We create a detailed estimate including sketch and itemized scope of damage priced at real time labor and material rates. We then present this estimate to the insurance company and their adjuster on your behalf.

5. Personal Property Inventory: Our team will carefully inspect and record all of your damaged personal property; we then work with you to compile a list that includes the description, price and age of the damaged property. After your approval we then submit the completed list to the insurance company and their adjuster on your behalf.

6. Negotiate on your behalf: Using our expertise and detailed damage estimates we then negotiate the highest possible settlement amount with the insurance company. At this time we also negotiate the amount of depreciation the insurance company intends to withhold from your claim. We will only then, settle once we know you have been adequately compensated and upon your approval.

7. Proof of Loss: After negotiating an agreed settlement we then prepare a proof of loss to conclude your insurance claim and request payment. This document must be properly prepared and filed within a certain time period in order for your claim to be settled.

8. Supplemental Claim: In cases where you were not fairly compensated or damage was missed by the insurance company’s adjuster, we will file a supplemental claim on your behalf seeking additional compensation.

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