Fire Damage

Sentinel Public Adjusters is one of the very few public adjusting companies certified in fire, smoke & water damage restoration by the IICRC. These certifications along with our construction background make us uniquely proficient in these types of extensive damage claims.

Fires are by far the most complicated type of damage your property can sustain. In addition to the obvious fire damage your property now has water damage, smoke damage, soot damage, and more than likely fireman damage.

The hundreds of gallons of water used to extinguish the fire have now become contaminated with carcinogenetic chemicals, which are now being absorbed by the materials within your home. The smoke from the fire has now permeated into your walls and drifted throughout household ducts where it becomes trapped. The soot or smoke residue produced is highly acidic and will eventually corrode metal surfaces including electronics and will leave permanent stains on plastics.

As stated above our certifications along with our construction background makes us uniquely qualified to handle these types of claims. We also provide the following services in addition to our normal services on fire damage claims including: Advance Payment Requests, Temporary Housing Coordination and Additional Living Expense (ALE) Tracking.

Carcinogenetic chemicals released when specific materials are burned in a normal house fire:

Carbon monoxide - All organic materials
Hydrogen cyanide - Polyurethane, wool, silk and paper
Acrolein - Wood, acrylics, cotton and rubber
Nitrogen Dioxide – Wood
Ammonia - Nylon, wood, silk and polyurethane
Hydrogen chloride - Polyvinyl chloride (PVC pipes) and upholstery
Benzene - Petroleum-based plastics

Electrical fires, grease fires, dryer fires, furnace puff backs and lightning strikes are just a few types of fire damage your home may sustain.

If you experience fire damage its imperative you contact Sentinel Public Adjusters immediately.

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